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(Event ended) We know it’s difficult getting back into running/exercise after the holiday season, the Cross Island Relay is perfectly timed to motivate you back into it!

This year it is taking place on Sunday 2nd February. For those who are not familiar with this event, it is a 24-mile relay from one side of the island to the other (as the name suggests), split into 6 ‘legs’. With 6 people in a team, the first runner will start at East End at 6am and the final runner will finish at Smith Cove. Each runner will run approx. 4 miles (6.5km) before passing the baton to the next runner at the set checkpoints along the route.

WNRC normally enter 4 or 5 teams and we are hoping to have the same again this year. The more the better! We want to encourage ALL abilities to participate. We will try to group runners with a similar pace into the same teams so that no one feels pressured and so that everyone can enjoy the race at their own pace.

We will send out more information nearer race day, but for now, you can find more information here:

Please let us know if you would like to participate by contacting us.

WNRC committee

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